How to Raise the Mood of Yourself and Others: The Emotional Algorithm


There are no people who are completely happy. No one is completely unhappy. That is, in everyone’s life joyful events alternate with occasional unpleasantness. A human peculiarity is the perception of happiness as a given, but we consider the negative moments as undeserved insult, caused by fate, which is almost impossible to survive. That is why we easily get into moping and readily drown in a bad mood, this article. Is it so necessary?

Or is it just a wrong attitude that can be changed? Still, the answer would be close to the fact that succumbing to stress, panic and other versions of surrendering to trouble is absolutely impossible. It is possible to return a good mood, to improve and strengthen the state of mind. The main thing is to want to. So how to raise the mood? Think about it this way: Evaluate the accident that happened to you from an objective point of view. That is, make sure that all your relatives are alive and healthy, and that you yourself have arms and legs that you can use to fight any problems. And then compare your situation with those who are wheelchair-bound or have just lost their most loved one. See what I mean? All troubles are relative and temporary. And if they can be endured, they certainly can’t break us! It is much easier to walk through life with such a philosophy than with that of the alarmist and the faint of heart; Think about the future in a positive way. Don’t take the problem in front of you as the first stepping stone to move forward.

Look at it as the last line left in the past. Do not lose faith and the dream of a good future. Because it is these that give us the strength to continue to fight and survive in difficult circumstances. ??John Kehoe’s 7 selected thoughts A great psychological move that is responsible for how to cheer yourself up is the visualization of your happy future. Our imagination is limitless and can sometimes work wonders in drawing motives for future events: for example, going on a date, moving into your own home or even a trip to the islands. To understand how to raise your mood quickly and efficiently, you can schematically reduce the entire mechanism of thoughts and feelings to the following algorithm: Realize that you are bored and decide to change the situation with an effort of will; Look at your problems from the outside, as if the situation did not happen to you, but to another person. Then evaluate it objectively will be a better chance. And the reasons for a bad mood just the same lies in the subjective perception of the circumstances of life. Therefore, a sensible perception of the facts is able to help just as sensibly find a way out of the situation; Think of solutions to your problem, and try to find them as much as possible, including completely unthinkable, such as moving to Everest. Of the huge variety will be easier to choose reasonable solutions and realize their actual feasibility and realism. This is important. This can already help you lift the mountain off your shoulders and stop perceiving the situation as hopeless; And then turn on your imagination and draw pictures in pleasant colors: think about tomorrow positively, with confidence that all the problems will pass, and you should be ready for an active life and work. You will immediately feel that it was morally easier and the mood improved; So begin to act! Skip the hard period of sadness and depression, you can already start constructive action to eliminate the consequences of unhappy “yesterday” and the construction of a happy “tomorrow”. A positive mood should be your ally: the success of many activities is determined by a good and positive mood.

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